#4 three very lazy weeks in Port Barton

Electricity for six hours a day, no ATMs, no hospitals and very very limited internet. I can comfortably say that Port Barton of Palawan in the Philippines is one of the most remote places I have visited.

However what Port Barton lacks in facilities and technology, it certainly makes up for with its location and beautifully remote beaches.

Quite often missed by tourists who usually head straight up to El Nido, Port Barton remains fairly tourist free. Although this means it lacks certain desired requirements such as an ATM, it remains peaceful and serene, making it the perfect place to relax, sunbath and read plenty of books. I have never read so many books in such a short amount of time!

Beach on our doorstep

Beach on our doorstep

Over the three weeks Martin and I developed a routine for how we spent our days.

The day started with breakfast in one of the small local restaurants. Normally pancakes and milo for me and the much healthier option of porridge for Martin. Sunbathing and reading our books would follow with the occasionally swim or cocktail. This was then repeated for lunch and then for dinner. And that’s it!

Starting my 100000th book of the week

I’m sure many of you would be bored after a day or two and after three weeks we were certainly ready to move on. However, after a very busy tour around Japan, a weeks stopover in Taiwan and a jam-packed Christmas with family coming up, we were absolutely ready to do nothing at all.

The journey to Port Barton was an adventure in itself. A daily bus can take you there from Puerto Princesa bus station. It might leave or it might not, that entirely depends on whether enough people to decide to hop on board. The inside of the bus was so basic, it reminded me of sitting along stalls in a classroom. Bizarre but that’s what it looked like. The journey took around 5 hours with a lot of stop/start as locals joined us along the way. The journey wasn’t bad. It wasn’t the most comfortable of rides but it is the only option.

the bus…flat tyre…but we made it there eventually

There is plenty of choice for accommodation in Port Barton depending on your budget. Martin and I treated ourselves and stayed at the Summer Homes Resort. It was gorgeous! The food was amazing, the rooms were clean, the staff were very friendly and you couldn’t get closer to the beach if you tried. I think that’s why we stayed for so long, we really didn’t want to leave our resort.

an amazing make shift nativity scene at the resort

We absolutely loved it here. If you are in need of peace and quiet and relaxation time I would definitely choose Port Barton. The locals are very friendly and accommodating, the beaches are lovely and the restaurants were great.

Make sure you come with plenty of cash and you are good to go.


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