London – The First Six Months

I have now lived in our fab Capital for six months and I’m loving London just as much as when I first moved here. Although I am often out doing something or eating somewhere, I haven’t made the slightest dent in what London has to offer. I don’t think feeling bored is possible as there is always plenty to do, regardless of your budget or location.

A few things I have come to love in London so far:

Public transport. I have a very poor sense of direction however now that I am equipped with a smart phone, I never, ever feel lost. The public transport system in London is great. Yes there are often delays, cancellations or strikes, but there is always a solution. I’m not saying it’s going to be a quick solution but you can always find a way to get from A to B.

Gallery openings. What a nice way to spend a chilled evening after work with friends, viewing incredible exhibitions from international and local artists who are here to showcase their art in the heart of the city. A favourite gallery of mine is Lazarides in Soho. The atmosphere is really laid back and it’s a very welcoming gallery. I would never have been able to do this in my home town, or not so frequently at least. There is a new exhibition to view once a month.

London food is incredible. You could be craving anything in the entire world yet feel comforted knowing you will be able to find a restaurant/cafe/food van serving the food you desire. I reckon you could eat out for a good couple of years and still not visit every restaurant in London. A couple of my favourites are Meat Market and Bodean’s. I have tried many a burger over my 27 years and I think I have found the best at Meat Market. Its a very fast paced little eatery which is perfect if you want to quickly grab something on the go. There is a huge choice of burgers, fries and milkshakes. I don’t know exactly what it is which makes a burger one of the best however I can confidently say that I may have found it.

I’m sure a lot of long-term, expert Londerers shall probably groan about Bodean’s being a favourite find of mine. Yes it’s quite a popular chain, but I really like it and that’s all that matters to me.  This American BBQ restaurant is a meat lovers paradise and has plenty to offer (the burnt ends being a fave). Check them out and go. Go.

The theatre. I recently went to see The Play That Goes Wrong, which then lead me to seeing Mischief Theatre perform their second show, Lights Camera Improvise. I would never have thought I would end up seeing an improv comedy (meaning I can’t even watch the Xfactor because of how it makes me cringe when things go wrong). When you think of the West End, you think Lion King, Les Mis and all the other big name shows. It’s great having a superb choice of theatre productions to choose from and to discover new shows and theatre’s along the way.

‘Choice’ would be a good word to sum up this post. I suppose having too much choice can be a negative, especially for the more indecisive folk out there, but for me it’s what makes London such a fab place to live.



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