Easy Homemade Easter Eggs


This Easter I decided to try something completely different and make easter eggs for my family instead of buying them. If this is new to you like it was to me, I would absolutely recommend doing a practice run a few weeks before Easter. I tried a few different techniques before deciding to keep things simple.


I bought my easter egg moulds from Lakeland Plastics. My set came with 4 large egg halves plus 4 moulds to make solid mini eggs.


To start with, spread a little sunflower oil on a piece of kitchen roll and wipe the inside of each mould. This will make sure the eggs pop out easily once the chocolate is set with a lovely shiny coating. Next begin to melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of simmering water.



Once the chocolate has melted, use a pastry brush to build up thin layers of chocolate, allowing time for the chocolate to set inbetween these layers. I found 20 minutes in the fridge a good amount of time for the chocolate to set. 4 layers in total makes for a good solid egg.


Once the chocolate is completely set, carefully turn out the eggs.

To stick the egg halves together, either use left over melted chocolate as glue, or heat up a sheet of greaseproof paper in the oven and rest the eggs on this for 3-5 seconds until the edges begin to melt. Place together the two halves and then return to the fridge.


-If possible, allow the eggs to completely set over night in the fridge.
-Try not to handle the eggs with bare hands once set as you could be left with smudgy finger prints on the chocolate.
-I tried making eggs with dark, milk and white chocolate. I’m not sure why but I found the dark chocolate the easiest to work with. The white chocolate was more tricky.

And that’s all there is to it.
Happy Easter!



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