#6 Viva Las Vegas

My travel posts have somewhat been abandoned for the past few months. However I’m now back with a vengeance and onto number 6 of my top 10 travel experiences.


I find it really difficult to sum up what I think of Las Vegas because it’s so darn weird! I think I liked it. I certainly enjoyed the 5 days I spent there and would absolutely go back again. Never have I visited a place that hot before. I can see why the place is crawling with outdoor air-conditioned escalators. When you step out of your hotel, the temperature of this place hits you so powerfully. It’s the same feeling you get when walking into a very hot sauna for the first time.

Martin and I were really excited to stay in the Flamingo hotel. One of the original hotels on the strip, complete with a tonne of flashing light displays, real life flamingos and the unpleasant stale smell of smoke which manages to follow you everywhere. The great thing about Vegas is that if you manage to go mid-week, you are almost always certain to find a good deal on one of the well known Vegas strip hotels. As super poor backpackers, fabulous news for us!


The Flamingo

There is plenty to do in Vegas without having to spend your life savings on the slot machines. Tempting as it sounds, once you lose $10 in the first minute, the excitement soon wears off.  Trust me.

Just chillin'

Just chillin’

So, on to the good parts of this crazy place:

The weather

It’s uncomfortably hot but if you are used to only the odd sunny day in England like me, then it really is quite something to experience sweating at 11pm.

The hotels

The hotels are amazing. Each one seems even better than the last. It’s quite easy to explore the hotels along the strip to see what each one has to offer. Fountain displays, exploding volcanos, beautiful botanical gardens and even a roller coaster. It’s as surreal as it sounds.


The beautiful botanical gardens in the Bellagio

The location

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert and with the help of a hire car or an organised trip you can easily set off to explore the surrounding areas. The most popular being the Grand Canyon. This place is phenomenal. I couldn’t even get a photograph to do this place justice. If you go to Vegas, then you must visit this spectacular site.


You gotta see it to believe it!

And now for the bits which make me question how much I really do like this place:

I mentioned it before, that stale smell of years of smoke embedded deep into the carpeted floors of the casinos. Not my cup of tea.

The ridiculously expensive buffets which every hotel seems to have. We tried it once. It wasn’t amazing. I also had my first Bloody Mary experience here. Alcoholic tomato pasta sauce. What is the deal with these and why do people like them?

I was excited to make use of the outdoor swimming pool at the Flamingo. What could be more perfect when you are in desert temperatures? The Vegas idea of ‘Swimming’ though is to buy $$$ worth of Bud Light, stand up somewhere in the pool and casually nod to the music. Perhaps on another trip I would be up for this. But I wasn’t feeling it this time round.

So there we have it, I can safely say that Vegas was an incredible experience and I would like to go back there for a real holiday with a bit more dosh. Vegas – you truly are one of a kind.

Spectacular fountain displays

Spectacular fountain displays

Had to include this photo..parking space big enough?

Had to include this photo..parking space big enough?


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