Sunday Up Market & Spitalfields

My lovely friend Pippa, who I’ve known since my days at Derby Uni only lives up the road in Reading so we often try to catch up, and this time she was coming to me for the day. The weather was beautiful so we decided to spend the day exploring Brick Lane’s Sunday Up Market in The Old Truman Brewery and Spitalfields Traders Market.


Perhaps it’s just me being naive in thinking a market on a Sunday? It can’t possibly be? But I guess when you get post delivered on a Sunday then anything is possible these days. The joys of living in London in the 21st Century.

Spitalfields is an absolute gem, an easy place to spend a small fortune in mere minutes. The stalls range from selling antique jewellery, clothing and gifts, plus delicious bakery goodness.

The Sunday Up Market (which is now a firm fave) focuses more on food and boy does it do a good job. What a mistake it was to eat before hand. Never shall I be doing that again. Whatever the food is you desire, it will be here ready and waiting for you.

I plan to come back here again with a few coins in my purse and a very empty stomach.


                          wpid-20150412_135111.jpg wpid-20150412_161318.jpg


The sun made the day all the better (as it tends to do in England). Thank you to Pippa for allowing me to use your photos! Clearly she is much more on the ball than I am.


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