FAIL! Recent Reads – Mike Carey’s The Girl With All The Gifts

I’m not one for giving up on a book half way through but when I find myself preferring not to read at all rather than to continue, then I’m prepared to admit defeat and remove my bookmark for good.


And that’s exactly what happened with The Girl With All The Gifts. I couldn’t wait to start this book as I’d had two recommendations, two! And on paper (har har) it sounds like it would be the perfect read. Although the blurb doesn’t really give anything away, essentially it is about the aftermath of a Zombie outbreak, focusing specifically on their growing intelligence and survival. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead and a softy when it comes to Young Adult novels, I’m amazed I have given up on this book. Sorry Mike, I’m pretty sure it’s me and not you. Part of me suspects I’m still yet to get to the gripping plot line which will speed up my reading and make me wiz through the second half. But I’ve got to the stage where I don’t really mind not finding out now.

One of the struggles for me was the writing style. It didn’t flow very well in my head and the characters quite often spoke or acted in a way which didn’t come across as very natural – normally a grievance I have with writing in the first person. Not only did this book come with recommendations, it also came with an abundance of positive reviews online. So I’m really not sure what my problem is, something just didn’t click.

To sum up my poor attempt of this unfinished book, I think, quite simply, it just wasn’t for me. And that’s fine. I’ve decided to reread the Harry Potter series instead which I’m excited about…it’s been a while.


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