# 5 art in paradise, Chiang Mai

Visiting Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand generally means Elephants, Temples and Thai cooking lessons. Chiang Mai was the penultimate place of the trip, we were poor and we were templed out so when we came across a 3D/illusion art museum ‘Art in Paradise’ we were obviously going to go. (And yes, that is the name of the museum and not just me trying to sound pretentious as someone has stated..)

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Banksy in Leake Street

Hello, I’m now a Londoner!

I have successfully made the move to our wonderful Capital, started a fab new job and I’ve moved into a lovely teeny tiny flat in the South West. Considering I lived out of a backpack for 12 months with only 2 weeks worth of clothing; space..who needs it?

This month, with the help of my very talented artist of a Brother, James, I have discovered the wonders of Leake Street.  Minutes from Waterloo station, Leake Street is a place where many artists and art enthuisasts go to paint/graffiti/tag legally. The place is covered.


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