hello, old friend

Hello world. Hello blog! Wow it’s been a while. I didn’t mean to stop writing on my little blog. It kind of just happened. It was very close to expiring and disappearing forever until my credit card came to the rescue to sort me out.


We’re still living in our small-but-perfectly-formed flat and I continue to ask myself ‘how can I make my home really super amazing just like on Apartment Therapy?’ Daily.

Some days I feel like I’m in a constant battle with myself over wanting to make some amazing (yet, temporary) changes to our home yet not to spend a fortune in the process. There’s still that little niggle in the back of my brain shouting out ‘but you don’t own this place. Stop spending money on it!’ Finding a compromise between the two is usually what I end up trying to do.

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The Pro’s of Renting

(believe me, there are some)

I wanted to write about the benefits of renting because these days it’s easy to forget that there is more to life than saving for your dream home. I forget this all the time so it’s nice to be reminded every so often.

My beautiful garden, which thanks to renting,  I do not garden!

My beautiful garden, and with thanks to renting, I do not garden!

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